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Drug & Alcohol Issues

Sad Teenage GirlWe are committed to assisting each individual on his or her journey to long-term mental wellness and abstinence. It is our belief that anyone can recover with the right addiction recovery assistance. ASFC Outreach Therapeutic Counseling Services offers an ideal setting for beginning the process of recovery.

Crisis Intervention:  Crisis services are provided by qualified staff and are reserved to intervene when a client has abrupt changes in his/her mood that may be attributed to a specific situation or event.


Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Disorders:

Mental health and substance abuse treatment are integrated to meet the needs of people with co-occurring disorders.  Recovery is viewed as a process involving stages of change.  As an individual moves through the different stages of change, ongoing assessment and updated treatment planning continues to ensure appropriate and most effective interventions.

Addressing the hazards and effects of substance abuse. ASFC focuses on:

  • Prevention
  • Assessment
  • Early Intervention
  • Outpatient Treatment Services
  • Co-occurring Disorders

Learn More About How We Can Help

  • Group Therapy

  • ASFC provides dynamic and effective counseling to small groups.

  • Paraprofessional Services

  • ASFC provided counseling that assist the youth in identifying and resolving personal, social, vocational, intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns.

  • Dedicated Youth Services

  • Our programs are designed with youth as our main focus and our staff is dedicated to providing the best services to families and young people in trouble.

  • Supporting Families

  • Family counseling is directed toward the restoration, development, enhancement and/or maintenance of a functioning family unit.

  • Drug & Alcohol Issues

  • We assist individuals on their journey to long-term mental wellness and abstinence. Begin the process of recovery.

  • Adult Therapy

  • Our counseling techniques assist adults as they identify and resolve personal, social, vocational, intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns.


ASFC Outreach Therapeutic Counseling Services delivers affordable, sliding-scale mental health and substance abuse services to youth and families who need financial assistance, ensuring that those with little or no mental health insurance have access to care.