• Find the hope, vision, courage and will to succeed

    • Providing leadership and support to help every individual attain stability, opportunity and security...

    • Encouraging Growth...

    • At ASFC, we offer people a chance to develop confidence, independence, esteem and respect, while teaching values, responsibility and self-discipline in an honest and caring environment.

Clinical Department

Clinical Director

Burt May, LCSW, Clinical Director

DUI Outreach

Nicole Aaron, MS

Certified DUI Program Manager

IOP/ Risk Reduction School (weekends only)

Lynne Westbrook, MAC, state Compliance Officer

Certified Peer Specialist

Jihad Muhammad , CPS
Certified Peer Specialist

Program Manager DeKalb County/Counselor

Now Hiring

Program Manager Gwinnett County/Counselor

Now Hiring

Program Manager Newton County/Counselor

Now Hiring

Medical Department Manager

Cindy Galindo, LPN (Bilingual – Spanish)

Supervision Department

Latoya Grandy, LCSW

Supervision Clinician

Dana Baldwin-Jones, LPC, Therapist

Latoria Hairston, LPC Therapist

Jennifer Stowe, LCSW, Therapist

Robert Nicklos, BA, PP

Lacisley Henderson, PP



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Our Defining Values

Our Defining Values

We Are Committed to Offering Care That Is…

Inclusive – Equitable for all people
Comprehensive – Centered on the whole person within the context of family and community
Proven – Based on best practice level of care, and best available evidence
Expertly Delivered – Supported by lifelong professional learning and  technology
Compassionate – Grounded in respect and compassion for the individual

 Father Lifting Son

Our Vision

ASFC’s Vision is to transform behavioral health and mental healthcare to achieve holistic community based care.

Our Mission

ASFC (Achieving Skills for Change) OUTREACH THERAPEUTIC COUNSELING SERVICES, LLC provides a variety of Behavioral Health Services that are effective, linguistically-appropriate, fully understandable by the client, and respectful of the client’s cultural beliefs for the purpose of enriching the lives of individuals and families in the region.